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Philadelphia Eagles or Kansas City Chiefs players will earn 6-figure bonus with Super Bowl LVII win

The players for the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs could make a very nice set of bonuses if they can complete their NFL playoff journey and win Super Bowl LVII on Sunday night.

Top NFL players are signed to multi-million dollar deals that make them far wealthier than the large majority of the fans that root them on each week. However, that is not the case for the entire 53-man playoff roster. Many of them stand to gain several bonus checks that are significant amounts for them if they can win every game in the playoffs.

While it may not thrill fans who feel professional athletes are paid too much as it is, players on playoff teams earn bonus checks for every game they are victorious in. And earlier this week, Athlon Sports reported on the amounts the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs earned on their way to Super Bowl Sunday.

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By winning their conference and earning a first-round bye, each team missed out on earning an extra $46,500 by not playing in the Wild Card Round. However, in the Divisional Round, every player scored a check for the same amount. And in winning their Conference Championship clashes, the Eagles and Chiefs players netted another $69,000.

But that still pales in comparison to what they could earn by winning Super Bowl LVII.

Philadelphia Eagles or Kansas City Chiefs players would get a $157K bonus with Super Bowl win

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Credit: USA Today Network

While the ultimate goal for every player on the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs will be to make dreams or season-long goals come true by lifting the Lombardi on Sunday night, succeeding in that endeavor will also land them each a check for $157,000. That is more than double the bonus for winning their conference championship games.

When totaling every available round for the two teams, traversing the playoffs and winning Super Bowl LVII could mean an extra $210,400 in their bank accounts at the end of the season. That amount may not register with top annual earners like Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, or Lane Johnson, but there are many players on both teams earning $1 million or less this season, which means they actually have even more to play for on Sunday.