Sportsnaut Editorial Process

Each story on Sportsnaut will always be the original thoughts of the writer, a news report, or will be sourced from a reputable media outlet including other websites, blogs, magazines, and newspapers that have demonstrated accuracy and responsibility in their work. All source material is reviewed thoroughly by our editorial staff before publishing.

If a post is published and a correction is needed, an Editor will fix and highlight that the post was fixed with a note at the top of the post. Additionally, if the post was a collaborative effort between writers, this will also be noted at the top or bottom of a post.

Managing Editor – Vincent Frank 
Mr. Frank has over 15 years of editorial experience working for outlets like Forbes, Bleacher Report, and eDraft. Mr. Frank oversees all written content for Sportsnaut.

Senior Editor – Matt Johnson 
Mr. Johnson provides Sportsnaut with over eight years of writing and editorial experience.

Founder/Editor Emeritus – Malcolm Michaels 
With over 25 years of publishing experience, Mr. Michaels has continued his passion for sports as the founder of Sportsnaut.